Monday, June 04, 2012

Fabulous Backs! Houses & Flowers

I don't remember when I started to paint on the backs of my wall art.  I know it all had to do with my desire to always salvage art media.
Hot buildings painted onto the back with acrylics.
When I fell in love with using foam-core as a base, I think the pristine white surface backing my artwork beckoned for paint.
Cool watercolor florals on the backside.
But I don't just back with paintings, I've started collaging my backs also.  But I'll share some of that another time.

Brown painted houses nestle together on back of wall art.
I do remember actually beginning my first backing as a practice, or study.  I said to myself I may as well use up this paint to practice my  painting skills.  No one will care if it's perfect or not.  It's on the back!  It'll serve to give my wall art pieces a colorful finish.  It'll be to the wall, and will only be seen when it's being unpacked, or relocated.

The funny thing is that because I was free to make mistakes and be imperfect, my back studies took on a real artsy look.  I even thought one day, while gazing at one, that the wall art could be turned over sometimes for a change.  Imagine that!

Just like that group of gestures that I painted, sometimes the backside can almost be the best side.  The wall art on which those gestures are painted winged it's way to North Carolina some time ago.  The buyer had loved the back when she saw it online, where I had shared it alone.  I know she felt especially blessed when she unpacked the wall piece, not knowing when she had ordered it, that my We All Belong gestures painting was coming home to her.

Crackle Finish Back Painting: Here I made a magnificent sky on the back of a small wall art piece.  I don't like the mixed media piece anymore.  I think I'll embellish this back and make it the wall art.  Imagine that!


Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

I just love it - what a totally unique idea!! I think the first one has a Matisse feel - beautiful!

Sherry said...

Your paintings are beautiful! Thanks so much for visiting; I'll definitely be coming back to see more of your projects!

Sheryl Hastings said...

How different. I love the bottom one with the beads.

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