Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Once In A Blue Rose

 While no real blue rose, hybrid or otherwise, exists,...
Henry Field's Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

Suntory Applause Blue Roses does on my Blue Roses handmade card. This unusual blank, collage card features navy rose blooms. They were discarded blue ink pen doodles that were designed for a decoupage box.
Blue Roses handmade card
Rather than throw the doodles away, I highlighted them with a silver paint pen and designed the card around them.

Blue Roses card detail

I also applied silver eyelets and narrow purple ribbon. The mini-flowers and the text are stamped and highlighed with silver.

Using doodles in handmades card designs.

I don't throw away any doodles anymore, and I am doodling more now that I'm allowing my whimsical side to emerge.

Wikipedia shares that:

....A blue rose is a flower of the genus Rosa (family Rosaceae) that presents blue-to-violet pigmentation instead of the more common red, white, or yellow. Blue roses are often portrayed in literature and art as a symbol of love and prosperity to those who seek it, but do not exist in nature as a result of genetic limitations....In a book entitled Kitab al-felahah written by Ibn al-‘Awwām al-Ishbīlī, which was written in Arabic the 12th century and translated into French by J. J. Clement, being entitled Le livre de l'agriculture, there are references to azure blue roses that were known to the orient. These blue roses were attained by placing a blue dye into the bark of the roots....Nominal "blue roses" have been bred by conventional hybridization methods, but the results, such as "Blue Moon" are more accurately described as being lilac in color.
Suntory rose
While this Suntory rose was billed, by the company and the press, as a blue rose, it is actually mauve or lavender in color. The Henry Field's Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose, though it appears to be dusty blue, is listed as having a rare silver-lavender shade.

Suntory Applause rose
In 2011, the silvery-mauve flower, named Applause, was the closest, at that time, to the elusive blue. It was genetically modified to synthesize delphinidin, a pigment found in most blue flowers. It is lovely, but not true blue. So man cannot make a tree, and neither has he yet been able to make a blue rose.

Blue Rose Products From Zibbet, My Newest Venue
Accents and Petals: blue rose made from wood shavings

Oohlalacafts: hand-frayed and hand-stamped blue rose fabric ribbon

KirasDebut: blue rose hair pins
Berniolie: blue rose crocheted brooch

Henry Fields


Gemma said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things on my blog.
Very pretty Navy Blue roses on the card....yes you never know where doodles will lead.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Love your list of Books and the Blue Roses. I think they are working on trying to make a Blue Rose. But for now it's a white rose with blue dye to make them.

Have a Blessed Week!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

It's good to meet you and to fine other Christians on the net. You know, it's funny, but I think some folks don't realize you can be a fundamentalist and an artist...but you can!!! My person site, besides my blog, is

I've learned and been encouraged a lot by Violette...and we met this summer. She's a great gal and a real inspiration.

I really like you work!

altermyworld said...

oh i can't see the pic and i love love doodles. I started out drawing doodles. And am slowly teaching myself how to draw. doodles rule. i love to doodles hearts and flowers and lips and words. They say in the repetition of doodling that a deeper meaning can be found. hmmm?

judie said...

Your rose card is beautiful Sandi. And thanks for all the "blue" information. Really interesting and informative post. xo

Sandi Holland said...

Thanks for nice compliment and for visiting, Judie. I do love research.

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