Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Think Of You In The Deepest Places Of My Heart

She stands at the bow and breathes deeply of the salty air as the waves lap against the ship.  What else is she doing as she quietly stands there?  Missing someone of course.
Scarfed Lady Collage -detail-
In the distance you can barely see the outline of mountains.  Is that where she's going?  Is her love there?  Who knows?  Maybe not.  Maybe she'll never see this person again.  Or maybe someone is waiting somewhere for her to arrive.  I like to think it's the latter.  Don't you?  Happy endings are better.

Glitter, Stamping, Collage, Hand-lettering, Handpainted Paper, Fiber
The blues reflect her spirit, but the corals indicate excitement, anticipation and hope.  Something is getting ready to happen.  Don't you feel it?  Looking at my small wall art you can almost hear the tumbling waves and see the seaspray misting into the air.  You can see her scarf whipping in the breeze as the ship draws closer to some dock, somewhere.

Small Wall Art

Made to decorate a small space, this altered art piece is 10x4" excluding the self-hanger.  Whether you are missing someone or not, you'll love glancing at this exhilirating yet restful scene.  It's also a very nice gift for a romance buff.  Available at my Storenvy Store, Marry Me On A Dime, a place for friendship, romance and love.

(I think of you in the deepest places of my heart. Verse c 2010 S. Holland)


lila said...

I really like this collage. The colors and the thoughts are perfect!

Heather Everson said...

Lovely collage! I really like the soft muted colors and imagery!

bohemiannie! art said...

So romantic and beautiful. I love your story and I think her love is waiting for her. She looks like she's anticipating...

Kathy said...

Love this one Sandi and the story behind it

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