Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rarely A Morning Without Product Photography

New Line Exquisite Little Tags 4Pk Multi Event
Photographing my first pack of 4 Events tags to list today. This is a good place to shoot because of the large window. You can see that I use several lamps. I also have the ceiling light on. The light to the left is a torchiere floor lamp, so I have the top light on too. It's a 3-way and I have it at the highest setting. The middle lamp is a tabletop Ott light, which provides true-color lighting. I have been using Styrofoam sheets as a base, because they are so white, and show off my products so well. They also provide some texture to the background, adding interest to an otherwise flat white surface.
Artsy Craftery Design Studio 4Pk of tags for a variety of events.

I have space now to create a light box out of a cardboard box and white paper, but haven't gotten around to it. Sometimes, I also go outside to photograph, but it's better not to do so in sunlight. Low sunlight or overcast days are suggested by photography professionals, but I don't like photographing in that type of light. It would probably be good to use a flash in those cases.

Product photography; the dreaded and hated task! I do enjoy it though, which is why I take too many photos for my listings. I've got to settle on 4-5 standard photographic arrangements, so that I can salvage a few more minutes of time to create. The work of the creative weary never ends; and neither does the satisfaction!

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