Monday, June 18, 2012

Spot-On-Art: Papermice, Not Pulp & Rodents For Sure

Kathryn Ashcroft is a mixed media artisan who loves working with salvaged glass and wire.

The glasswork began here.
It all started with this bubbly blue piece, done at a time when she could experiment because the process was all fresh and new.

"Little Flags" by glass artist Kathryn Ashcroft
She enjoys using salvaged materials to create pieces of light, texture and color.  Her inspiration comes through fragments of memories, experiences and images.

Portfolio glasswork by Kathryn Ashcroft
She works from home in a little space with a desk and a kiln.  Though the creation of her works is an irritatingly slow process, she is fascinated by the human instinct to create. 

Fused glass by Kathryn Ashcroft. 
Kathryn lives and works as a full-time teacher and mommy in Yorkshire in the UK.  

Papermice: blog of Kathryn Ashcroft.

"I Have A Mottled Heart" glass art by Kathryn Ashcroft.

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Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

Lovely work & a great feature!

Teresa Rusk said...

Wow, she's got some great stuff! Thank you for sharing this artist with the rest of us!

Sandi Holland said...

Yeah, her glasswork is beautiful.

Sandi Holland said...

I love my Spot On Art feature.

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