Friday, July 01, 2011

Watercolor Bliss: Just Paint A Group Of Gestures

I took my brush and quickly added some loosely formed shapes.

I was using leftover paint and applying it to the back of a mixed media wall art piece.  I usually finish my backs with a painting, collage or something else creative.

I had not planned this painting, but since the backs are just practice and generally will not be seen, I played around.

Notice how with just a few, simple shapes you can suggest persons in various poses?  Notice the lack of detail in the necks, hands and feet?

If you think about it you will realize that you are assuming what their precise gestures are based on my crude shapes.

Some of my most satisfying work is that which is done with abandon, freedom and inhibition.  I wouldn't be surprised if the person who buys this piece displays this back side from time to time.


trusk4u said...

I love this!! I also love what it says and stands for! I don't think I've ever seen a piece of art with the back done. I would show it off! :)

aMorita-Sa said...

The greens [one of my favorite colors] in this painting are pretty. and the title "We All Belong"...yes...I agree.

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