Monday, April 14, 2014

Hiatus-ville II

Thanks so much for visiting my blog again. I have had so many things that have slowed me down from re-designing and reorganizing it.

Watercolor, botanical tags.

I plan to make it a hub for creativity, including crafting, visual art, writing, publishing and marketing.

Folk art-inspired, parchment leaves tag.

Consolidation is the only way that I will be able to continue blogging.

Forever handmade dress design tags w/removable banners.

I'm excited about my plan because I love organizing and designing.

Tags cut from vintage photos.
Again, thanks for visiting. I may be crawling with the overhaul of this blog, but I'll never give up!

Monday, November 11, 2013


sailing photo: sailing sailing.jpg

We are in that time of the year when thoughts begin to lean towards the New Year and changes. I am putting my blog on hiatus for the rest of this year, as I re-think it's direction. I love blogging and don't intend to give it up at all, but to continue will involve massive reevaluation and reorganization. This will mainly involve combining blogs and blog ideas, as I free up more time for crafting, arting and writing, and continue my online schooling.

I am tentatively planning to remain at Blogger, but will reconsider this also. Look for announcements sometime after Jan.1. You can still contact me at my usual email addresses, and connect with me, and see what's happening, at these social sites and venues:

Inspirational Blog



Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year,
Sandi Holland

Image Credit: keep4real

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ensure That Your Handmade Products Lead To You

Ensure that potential customers can find you by applying identifying/contact info onto every piece of work that you produce. 

If you like to add variety and jazziness to your work, like I do, merchandise tags can be made out of any old thing. Within the junk mail that you get everyday are potential creative tags. Though there is a lot to be said about ordering coordinated business tags, labels and seals, I am an eclectic type of person. I like showing a different tag on each of my items. I make them from greeting cards, scrap paper, recycled artwork and other salvaged items. Here are the fronts and backs of some of my recent creative tags:
Handmade product tag: made from tissue box design cut out.

Merchandise tag made from a salvaged drawing.

Handmade product tag: a salvaged paper star.

Handmade merchandise tag made from a greeting card cut out.

 While tags are a fun identifying addition to your work, they are made to be removed. How do you add a non-removable identification to your work? Some other ways that I do are:
  • print out a sheet on which I've added various sized web addresses and emails, and my logo too
  • cut out one to adhere to the back of every piece of artwork and crafted items that I produce
  • if the craftwork is very small, I print some type of info with an ultra-fine permanent marker
  • try to place it in an inconspicuous place, corner, bottom, side
  • it's similar to an artist signature, but on the back
  • depending on the size and shape of the product, the identity tag can be just the web address, just the email, or both
  • on larger wall art pieces my identity tag includes both and my logo as well
  • always seal over it, with Mod Podge, gel medium or PVC glue, so it will remain.
For some items, of course, I simply can't find a way to do it, and don't worry about that. With an ultrafine Sharpie though, there are few times when I can't. Below is the back of one of my wall art pieces. You can be formal or creative on how your apply our identifying tags. Thought you might like seeing the backs of two of my mixed media pieces.

On cards and tags I always try to apply a strip of info along the bottom or up the side, or I write the info, as tiny as I can. I even try to take time to add identifying info on items that I think may be thrown away; ephemera like product tags that I attach to my work. If thrown away, someone else may find it, like it and contact me. Yes! Even about a product tag. She may want to know where I got it, and I can say I made it, would you like me to make you some? Sales can come from any direction. I try to think of creative ways to open the window of opportunity.

I committed to this idea long ago when I was often disappointed to find myself at home with a favorite item, and had no idea who created it. No identifying info on the back or bottom. If I wanted to learn more about the person and maybe order more from him/her, the opportunity was forever lost to me.

Anything that you provide on your product may one day convert to several sales. If you could have seen me searching and examining the products that I have over the years, for some minute scrap of identifying info, you would understand how important this is. It has involved anything from a papercrafted pieces to sculpture; things that I've bought in department stores, discount stores and thrift stores. Some of my fav items are from thrift stores, flea markets and other little out of the way places, to where the artwork or crafted items of some creative person ended up.

So, don't forget your identifying info, if you can at all add it. It does take extra time, but it's work it because wherever my product ends up, I'll be with it :) Don't rely on customers to hold on to packing and shipping info. If your product should end up at a church bizarre, that info would not follow it anyway.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Creating Patterns & Designs For Surface Decoration

I have a new shop at Spoonflower...

...called Artsy Craftery Design Studio. Spoonflower is a on-demand producer of fabrics, wallpapers, giftwraps and decals. As a designer, I add my designs to my shop, which is accessible by visitors and other designers. Anyone can order from Spoonflower by selecting a pattern, and choosing to buy fabric, giftwrap, wallpaper and/or decals. There's no minimum order, and fabric swatches, as well as decals, currently can be ordered for $5.00.

Three of my designs that are now available include:

Raindrops - Chartreuse

Little Introvert

Little Introvert

Bizarre Spacy Plaid
Bizarre Spacy Plaid

To see any of the designs in this post in the fabric, wallpaper, giftwrap or decal view, click the image to visit the designer's shop. Decals are usually available in a larger print, and fabric in smaller prints, depending on whether you order swatches, fat quarters or yardage. Patterns are available in a large selection of fabric types, from basic combed cotton to silk crepe de chine.

Some Of My Favorite Patterns From Other Designers:

 Vessels With Yellow by KCS
Vessels with Yellow

Fox Forest Blue by Natitys
Fox Forest Blue

Criss Cross Green Plaid by Vetmari
Criss Cross Green Plaid

Entered my first Spoonflower contest, Constellations, with this design:

Love Among The Stars
Love Among The Stars

My surface design board at Pinterest is here: On The Surface. If you're on Spoonflower, or join later, please connect with me. I'll feature your designs here at my blog and at my Pin boards. It's very easy to create surface designs. If you edit images, you can create designs and patterns to be used on a variety of functional and decorative items.

Thanks for visiting and come again,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Spot-On-Art: Dragonflys, Dragonflies, Dragonfleis

Dragonflies are my favorite insects. I couldn't believe it when a black one flitted onto the balcony, and flew back and forth. I rushed inside because I didn't want to scare it way.

Les Jardin de Vie

Natural Earth

Also, that old childhood superstition comes to mind when I see them. Supposedly, if a dragonfly lights on your eye, you will go blind.

First Palette

AZ Embroidery Barn

It lighted on the balcony railing, and to my delight, sat there for some time as I watched. I don't get to see them that often. They seem magical, something that I would not see in the ordinary places in which I live. 

Krafty Chix

Shaboo Prints
Black Gossamer & Legs

Gossamer wings they always have,
Like the one I saw today,
Perched on the balcony railing to say,
Don't just look, come out to play.
But I'd quickly went in when I saw him come.
As much to see him as not to be touched.
I ran inside and stood looking out,
Trying to figure what he was about.
He sat there on his crooked legs.
Black sheer wings flicked to and 'fro.
Thinking of what I just don't know.
I looked away, and when I looked back,
The dragonfly had quietly left,
And I was lonely and bereft. 

Perdita's Glass Art
Studio Bling

Kpoel Maarts


Gardens And Crafts
Needful Things of Salem
Warm Heart Craft

Sandi Holland Mixed Media

Sandi Holland Mixed Media
Blue Sky Pottery

Dragonflys are just lovely in their mysteriousness.


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