Saturday, February 14, 2015

MANAGEMENT: Free Courses & Tutorials At

It's totally free to learn at GCF. There are 125 turorials that include over 1,000 lessons. There are even courses that provide a certificate for online education and CEUs. Some tutorials include:
  • Digital Photography
  • Internet Safety
  • Use Information Correctly
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Powerpoint 2013
  • Excel XP
  • Food & Cooking
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Grammar
  • Practice Reading
  • Money Basics
  • Career Planning
  • Resume Writing
Ever wanted to write a blog, use Twitter or Youtube? The category Social Media can help. Ever wondered what using the cloud is all about? There is a category titled Using The Cloud.

The program is dedicated to helping people learn what they want when they want, regardless of income status. The site is available 24 hours a day, and 18,000,000 people around the world have been taking advantage of it for a decade. Whether you choose to learn through one tutorial, or an entire class, there is no fee. You don't even have to create an account, but if you do you can track your progress. You must create an account if you want to obtain a certificate and CEUs.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SELF-MARKETING: Ideas Are Free For The Picking

Ideas are free, and always ripe for the picking and promoting. Consider Rita J. King's mystery and other jars. She packages condensed memories, pieces of places and even souls of books into little corked jars.
Rita J. King's Mystery Jars

She attaches attractive tags, museum-quality tags, mind you, and offers these little time capsules for sale. Why? Because she had a vision about condensing the memory box, travel album and dusty stack of long-ago read books into neat, portable jars. She saw the value of and became excited about offering these reduced experiences to today's driven consumer.

Her excitement was catching, as all excitement is, and she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her venture. The upscale tags, among other things, impressed some of the investors. I like the corked bottle and her fonts.
Book In A Bottle by Rita J. King

I think it's a great idea. Very unique. Very attractive. Very interesting. Very much catering to our lives today, which more frequently must be managed, digested and experienced in condensed form. We just don't have the space or time for anything else.
Ms. King climbing supervolcano Mt. Epomeo to collect ash from the peak

How clever of Ms. King to create this revenue stream, and at the same time, design an exquisite method for herself to enjoy famous locations and obscure locales. As she collects pieces of places and bits of locations for her Imagination Glyph Mystery Jars, I'm sure she feels very fortunate to have uncorked her creative flow on this one.

Now what is YOUR excuse for not releasing your vision. Your creative idea, unlike Ms. King's, can't help you or others if you continue to keep it bottled; inside that is.

"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there's love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong." — Ella Jane Fitzgerald 

Quote Clipped From: EarthSeaWarrior at Etsy

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CRAFTING: Metallic Paper Patchwork and Wire Bottles

I like working with glass because of its sparkling transparency.  Even when covered up, as I've done with these bottles, it's still exciting to feel the heftiness of glass in my hands.

I had thrown so many bottles away that I put my foot down and declared I'm going to find a quick, decorative technique so that I can salvage these bottles.
Wire-wrapped, paper patchwork, decoupaged bottles.
Before I tore up my papers, I decided on a color scheme of: 
  • whites/creams/silvers for the 1st bottle,
  • pinks/mauves/fuchsias for the 2nd,
  • and golds/silvers/cremes/whites for the 3rd.
Once I tore up a supply of various papers, it was easy to apply glue to each piece and stick it to the bottle.  I started from the bottom and worked up to the top of each one.  Once finished, I painted each bottle with a matte sealer.  I decided to add another fav medium, craft wire, to the largest bottle.  I chose a golden wire and twisted a design with wire pliers.  Wrapping it around the bottle, I crimped each end back onto the wire, securing it.
Salvage old bottles and cover with paper scraps and wire.
I painted and embellished a wooden ball for the top of one bottle, attaching it securely with tacky glue.
Glitter, wire, paint, bugle beads and tiny Styrofoam ball used to embellish wooden ball topper for patchwork bottles by Artsy Craftery.
I kept the black, plastic, twist-on cap on the silvery bottle, decoupaging it with silver paper. I then formed a sculptural design on top of the cap with another piece of the paper.
White paint and gold metallic pen used to decorate cork stopper.

I really like my design for the cork stopper that I used for the gold and silver bottle. I painted it with a spiral design and glued it into the top of the bottle. I created a sculptural topper for the bottle cork out of reclaimed metal, wire and beads. The metal disk had a metal post on it (it was part of an old pierced earring), which I stuck into a glue-filled hole in the cork.
Felt used to pad bottoms of paper patchwork and wire bottles.
The most time-consuming part of this technique is, of course, designing the paper patchwork design. Once you get started it goes very quickly.  I like my work to be finished on all surfaces, so I cut and glued craft felt to the bottom of each bottle.  It helps keep them from sliding off of shelves, and protects surfaces.
Silver metallic paper used in decoupage.
I like looking at these bottles.  They dress up any table or shelf with a pretty flash of creativity. Get busy! Make your creative flash today!
Find Products Used In This Project At Amazon:
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MANAGEMENT: Alison Wood Says Flip Those Business Resolutions

Here's a new take on making New Year's resolutions. Resolve to consider your business successes, improvements and advancements. Launching your resolutions in this way is a great learning tool that can help you grow your business even further. This winter and spring, resolve to learn from yourself, rather than push yourself with the usual self-admonitions.

Alison Wood, of Art-Of-Crafts, shows you how in her article
Alison Wood

Alison Wood is a writer, crafter and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Cartwheels Across The Sky and Art-Of-Crafts. She is a graduate of the University of Gloucestershire, and has done postgraduate studies in teaching. She has built a number of successful websites, and offers her writing and web content services to anyone needing a high standard of English. She also provides a full range of social media set-up and management services, as well as online courses to help you build your business with joy.

Alison is passionate about crafts and creating online spaces. You can find her handmade jewelry at her Etsy shop, Arts of Crafts Designs.