Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Liebster Award Recipients List Has Something For Everyone

My tissue paper leaves mini tree grows leaves every day.

Here are my banner recipients.  These are people whose work, or blogs or both, I admire.  They represent a variety of arting and crafting associations, from quilling, to cloth collage, to clay creating, to organization.

Enjoy your visits and I hope you'll make new friends.  If you decide to follow, congratulate them on their award.

Thanks again to Angie Ouellette-Tower, at God's Growing Garden, for thinking about me when she selected her recipients.

You will find my answers to her questions here:  Liebster Award.


Zafaran said...

Wow! Winning an award is great! I was so happy to read you like Fauvism...I love their use of bright colors too!
Thank you for visiting me and Google recommendation, though, I must confess I am not an expert(read - know nothing!), I know it is good! :-)

Sandi Holland said...

That is certainly my style, Fauvism and Expressionism. I feel like a "Wild Beast" sometimes with all the creative ideas I am constantly bombarded with, and trying to manage them all. It was a pleasure to recommend you. Sorry I spelled your name wrong Zafaran (not Zarafan). I hope I can find the G+ post and correct it.

Candace Jedrowicz said...

Hi Sandi! I'm honored that you added me to your Leibster award list! What do I need to do?

Sandi Holland said...

Candace please forgive me. I don't remember having moderation of comments enabled, so I had 3 comments on hold, including yours. Will contact you today.

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