Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome To Spring And The Excitement That It Brings!

Artsy Craftery at Shop Handmade
Yes, my new store is called Artsy Craftery and it's at Shop Handmade, a venue dedicated to handmade artists and crafters.  At SH you'll also find vintage and reclaimed vintage items.  Their reSupplies(tm) division features new and used AC media and supplies.

You may remember some of these products from my old Storenvy store, which I closed in November.

I'm in the process of listing these and the rest of my Storenvy merchandise, and inventory that has never been listed, in my new store.  Eventually my eCrater listings will be moved to Shop Handmade also.

Spring Green Spot-on-Art

My first Spot-on-Art gallery for this new season includes products from fellow handmade artists and crafters at my new venue, in my favorite greens: from chartreuse to moss.

Hand-rolled and sewn Kiwi Plaid Silk Tie: Tie One On

Cloth Un-Paper Towels: Green Papaya Cloth Co.
Where have you ever seen this green wipe-up alternative?  They're gorgeous and money-saving.

Hemp Bracelet w/Peace Symbol: Silverstars

Three Sisters Moss Terrariums: Catalystic
Do you like terrariums, mini gardens or gardens in a bottle?  Well Carrie shows you how to make some cute little ornament terrariums, at her blog Little Big.  It's a holiday post using discarded clear plastic ornaments, but the design can be adapted to Spring.

Lucky Stars Magnets: Jai' Chelle

Tapioca Wood & Moss Arrangement: Eco-lectic Events
Have you ever seen a green flower?  Well Dave's Garden shows you several of the unique specimens, including the Nepal Lilly, Bells of Ireland and the Olive Garden Iris.  My favorite though has to be the bright chartreuse Splurge, which seems to glow with a lemony-green inner light.  I'd like to have a group of containers full of them.

Handcrafted Ceramic Buttons: Meltin' Mudd Studio

Vinyl Wall Decals: Cee Jays Decalz
Sherwin-Williams has a green that I like called SW 6706 Offbeat Green.  I love the mossy yellowness of it.  With their visualizer you can access all sorts of tools to see how your chosen colors and palettes will look on different surfaces.

Industrial Art 2010: A. J. Wiberg
The Pantone color of the year is emerald.  You can see a touch of it in this wall art piece by A. J. Wiberg.  I think their emerald has a bit more touch of blue in it than I'm used to.  It's beautiful but can't hold a candle to my yellow-greens.

Colorful Leaf Pouch: Homemade Hemp by Kandy

Aqua & Kiwi Birthday Card: Casual Friday Designs

Pantone has also named a green Tender Shoots.  It's a bright, clear green that would make a great accent color.  Event Envy has a Pinterest board that's titled 2013 Pantone Color: Tender Shoots.  I think she shares a variety of medium greens, rather than just the Tender Shoots color.  It's still a lovely pin board to me.

Lemon Lime Soap: Tonbo Soap
An article states that lemon scent may help with stress relief and mood enhancement.  According to an article in Prevention Magazine, a mild lemon scent can help improve cognitive performance. 

Snail Journal: Early Bird Crafts

Honeysuckle Gel Candle: Gelicious Candles

Sweet Pea Gel Candle: Gelicious Candles

Rice Bag For Hot/Cold Therapy: Whimzee Fabric Arts
According to eHow and, heat relaxes muscles, relieves soreness, increases blood flow and reduces pain.  Cold therapy slows down blood flow, decreases swelling and pain, and should be used immediately after a sprain or strain.  

Pistachio Cake Card: Artsy Craftery
It's going to be a great Spring this year, with making and buying handmade going on all over the place!


bohemiannie! art said...

LOTS of goodies to look at here. So glad this post is easier to comment on than in the past!!!

Sandi Holland said...

Hi bohemiannie: Glad you could visit. I could have gone on and on with the Spring gallery. In fact, I stayed up late last night selecting items.

It's too bad that spammers cause us to have to implement measures like post verification. I'm always glad to turn it off, but when spamming increases I turn it back on. :)

I bet you liked the Cloth Un-Paper Towels.

Donna McMorrow said...

Lots of lovelies in this post. Love those buttons!

Sandi Holland said...

Hey Donna: Thanks for visiting. I really like those buttons too. They look so natural, and feature my fav motif, leaves. Plus I like working with a medium like clay, and forming designs and making impressions.

Have a nice evening.

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