Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are You As Careful As You Should Be When Making Art?

What about using a dust mask or respirator when you are working around dust, particles or fumes?  In 2007 a mosaic artist friend wrote:
I am just beginning the art of mosaics....
Bling Pot
This year, 2012, she wrote:
You are correct. I have not posted in a while. I have developed severe COPD.  I used to smoke, but they told me that I would have had to have smoked 3 packs per day, since I was 13-yrs-old, to have lungs of a 85-year-old, and I am only 49. They have done tons of tests and all, and it was just the last several months that I discovered the reason, My ART!!!!!!
Blue Vase
 Please I beg you, no matter what, use a filtered mask while doing this kind of art. In smoothing out my glass edges with a grinding wheel I was still breathing in the tiny, tiny pieces of glass, and you can guess the rest....Some days are really bad and it is hard to even get out of bed, and surely not on the computer....
Rock Swirl Pot
How many times have you rushed out, bought supplies for a new technique, and rushed home to do it? Did the supplies include gloves, safety goggles and most of all, filtering masks?  Do you fall victim to the issue of lack of space, and avoid digging in boxes and bins for your safety equipment when you want to craft?  I think some of you have your pretty art stuff within reach, but maybe because of necessity, your safety supplies are stored out of reach.

Palm Trees
What about lack of time?  Does it cause you to rush to your table, grab up your tools and start working on your project?  Do you sling your glues every which way thinking you are safe because either you don't smell them, or you're not going to have to use them very long this time? 

Suns For The Wall
Do you know why I'm asking?  Because I am guilty of course.  Sometimes I put on my mask, and sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I take time to put on my goggles, and sometimes I don't feel like it.  I look to purchase more craft media and tools, but I don't think about upgrading my dust masks.

Pink Fish
Remember to take more time for safety because it's not worth it not to.  Read completely the instructions on all of your bottles, cans and jars, and follow them.  Buy and use filter masks, safety goggles and gloves.  Keep an eye out for other tools and supplies that will help make your work space safe and secure.

Dust Mask Respirator Filter Safety Face Protection

Particulate Respirator Mask with Exhale Valve

Microfiber Filtering Mask

Half Facepiece Respirator 6000 Series

Neoprene Carbon Mask - Multi-Purpose Dust Mask

Particle Respirator N95

Cartridge & Airline Full-Facepiece Respirator



saheli said...

awsome work...but health is important dear.take care of yourself.wear your mask always.

Sandi Holland said...

Thank you Saheli. My mosaic-crafting friend was so happy when I told her that I was writing this post. She's so glad I'm using her story to get the reminder out to everyone.

saheli said...

Tht's so nice of you and your friend.felt good to hear her recovery.I'm glad that my work being featured in your blog and eagerly waiting to showcase your post in my Space.thanx again and waiting for the day.

Teresa Rusk said...

This is a VERY good reminder to all of us and our crafty pursuits to be mindful of what we are doing and using. I am guilty like many others. Working with wire, little bits fly when being cut. I SHOULD wear goggles, but do not. I do wear glasses, but really it is not enough protection. Thank you for sharing this!

Sandi Holland said...

I haven't forgotten about showcasing my artwork in your space, and reciprocating too.

Sandi Holland said...

Yes Teresa, it is so important. I learned a lot from this post. It has changed how I do things in my workshop. My goggles, mask and gloves are within reaching distance now. You are so right in that glasses are not enough. It must be safety goggles.

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