Monday, July 16, 2012

Spot-On-Art: To Sleep Is Such Sweet Joy

Have you ever wondered how long you could go without sleeping?  Well I read at Listverse that the record is about 18 days.
emhlt: Sweet Dreams: journal entry done with
watercolor and ink
Ever try to sleep extra on the weekends, or any time, to make up for lost sleep?  Well, you can't really make up sleep, and extra sleeping can confuse your sleep-wake cycle.  It's a myth about sleep discussed at 

Trappa Designs at Storenvy
I've read that 5-30 minutes of tossing and turning means you have insomnia.  At it is suggested that if you haven't fallen asleep after 20 minutes, get up and do something boring.  We know boring can rock us to sleep like a baby.  I use 30 minutes as my gauge of whether or not I am going to fall asleep.

Do naps make you have insomnia?  Strangely, I've found that when I have been able to take a midday nap, I am drowsy at bedtime.  Stanford says to not take naps, and if you have to, make it for less than 1 hour, and before 3pm.  Hum-m-m-m.

kate the queen of creativity: media: Portfolio oil pastels,
Faber-Castell Gelatos
One thing that I do know about sleeping is that our puzzling, prophetic dreams are not as much as an enigma as we think. This is because when we sleep, we dream about what we already know.  Take it from someone who has studied dreams for more than 25 years.  You already know the secret of the dream you had last night.

Papercrafting: handmade card
Read more about the top 10 sleeping and dreaming facts at Listverse.
How Much Sleep Do You Need?
How To Sleep Well:

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bohemiannie! art said...

You've posed lots of questions here Sandi. First let me say that the drawing with the blues and blacks of the girl awesome. Then, I have to tell you that when I take a nap...or sleep late...I have a hard time getting to sleep...until I start meditating or praying...and then - boink! I'm out!

Sandi Holland said...

Thanks, bohemiannie! I don't have time, nor do I feel the need to take naps anymore, eventhough they don't seem to stop me from falling asleep later. It's just a fond memory, when I used to take a nap every day that I was not working :) Now I need every minuscule point in time to do artwork, lol.

The lady sleeping in the dark, blue room is a large-format, handmade card that I did when I first started making them years ago. Her image actually belongs to someone else, since I drew it from an illustration I saw in a magazine. That is why I haven't offered her for sale. I cut her out and collaged onto the blue cardstock. The window is clipart on which I sketched the planet and shooting star. I drew in the counterpane and drapes with black/silver pen.

judie said...

Really,really interesing post about sleep.

Sandi Holland said...

I do enjoy researching info for articles and posts.

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