Saturday, May 12, 2012

Making Cards That Mothers Would Love

If you are not connected to me at, you haven't seen these 2 Mother's Day cards that I made with my art stamps.  This 2 Dragonflys stamp can be used by inking only one of the dragonfly panels.

You can also print the complete stamp on a piece of paper and cut each dragonfly panel apart.  They each will have their own border and can be used as individual clipart.

Dragonflys Handcarved Art Stamp w/Handmade Card
This art stamp was quite a chore because I didn't have my carving tools at that time.  Carving with a straight X-acto blade is murder.  I sent this 2 Dragonflys card to my baby sister, Candice, who lives here in Jacksonville, and has a 16-year-old, Trevian.

Handcarved Eraser Art Stamp w/Sundial Handmade Card
I made the sundial card using the masking technique, which adds dimension.  I sent this card to my middle sister, Rita, who lives in Nashville.  She has 3 grown children, Everett, Sharie and Mitchell.  Kolbe just turned 11.

Both are tri-fold cards and I was so anxious to get them off that I didn't have time to photograph the inside.  I'll have to make more stamped, tri-fold cards to show to you.  They are quite unique.

Happy Mother's Day and have a positive and pleasant week filled with more creating.


Sandra Tyler said...

Lovely Sandi! :)

altermyworld said...

Oh this is a really pretty card and i know how time consuming carving is, i can't do it anymore because of my hand injury.
yummy love, thanks for stopping by my blog, you have always been so kind, i have seen the site you mentioned, i wish i had some money, LOL
take care and have a gorgeous day!

Sonya Batten said...

What a beautiful stamp you carved. I will have to try it one time. Beautiful! And thanks for the heads up on the link on my blog.

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