Saturday, August 06, 2011

Trim Sewing: Do That First When Sewing Your Project

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Don't forget when constructing your sewn accessory or decor item, to sew on the trims and other embellishments at the beginning stage. 

This should be done both for hand and machine sewn trim, and in any sewing craft.

If you forget and have already sewn a lining to the fabric, you'll end up having to sew on the trim through the lining.  The stitches will then show on the inside of the item.

This may not cause a problem if inside a tote or other bag, because it more than likely won't be seem, or seem that much.  If the item is unlined, these stitches will be seen by your customer anyway.  If the item is lined, your customer may feel that the exposed stitches are unsightly, even though they can't been seen outwardly.

For those of you who like every aspect of your work neat and finished, there is one fix for forgetting to sew your trim at the beginning.

Cut a coordinating piece of lining or fabric and attach it over the trim stitching.  You can do this with fabric glue.

You can also include a top-stitched type of design on the front.  These new stitches will then go to the back, through the lining and through the patch that you are using to cover your trim stitches.

Of course you can use both.  Tack the patch onto the inside lining with glue, and then topstitch from the outside.

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