Thursday, September 08, 2011

Papier Mache How To: Base Coating

Papier Mache How To
Base coating paper mache is the next to the best part.

I used gloss acrylic paint, rather than matte, because I am going to leave some of my white base coat showing in my painted design.  You can also use gesso, which is a favorite of some.  Though I am going to use a clear sealer I preferred my white coat to appear finished.

I gave these napkin rings three coats of the paint, allowing them to dry between each one.

I also alternated brushing left to right, and top to bottom, in order to completely cover the newsprint.

I had to take extra time and care to paint the rims of these papier mache circles.

Now that I've drawn the peppers onto each ring in my papier mache project, I will be designing and painting on my design.  The colors will coordinate with my hand embroidered napkins.

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judie said...

I'm following along with this project. Looks interesting. I know the finished product will be divine.

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