Sunday, June 19, 2011

Watercolor Bliss: Painting People

Just think about the fact that when we observe people from a distance, we don't see their necks.  The eye fills them in.
We also generally don't see ankles or socks at the end of the pant leg or long skirt.  The eye fills them in too.

It's similar to the eye combining two colors that are adjacent, and causing you to see the third or tertiary color.

The most realistic watercolor painting of people is done when relatively shapeless spots of color are combined to suggest a gesture.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you will paint pictures that feature people similar to the two in my detail above...and not like my detail below.

I've been studying my watercolor books for a long time and I've come a long way in my handling of this crisp, vibrant medium.  So can you.

When I understood, my skill increased.  I lightly scraped off this little glorified stick fellow and insinuated the couple.

I love watercolors.  They are transparent, crisp and lively.


saheli said...

nice.thnx for liking my works.

judie said...

watercolors pretty much throw me for a loop. Yours are wonderful!

aMorita-Sa said...

Beautiful paintings!

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