Thursday, May 12, 2016

New General Listing Site: has extensive categories for handmades listings.

EcommerceBytes' newsletter shared a sponsor that is a new listing site called Vangoe: the art of online selling. It's not a site dedicated to handmades, but open to all products, even cars and trucks. They claim to feature a fair feedback system, free re-listing of up to 52 items (above that there must be a fee to relist), and a whopping 14 payment methods.

Click the BUY button and be served a plethora of categories, including 36 under Arts & Crafts. That is really great, and encourages me to list there. There is also a separate Arts category, as well as Aviation, Bulk Items and eBay Imported Items. Interesting! The FVF is 5%, except for a small number of categories, which have a higher fee and/or a flat listing fee.

Going to bookmark this site for consideration.

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