Sunday, April 10, 2016

Create Success Through Innovation And Creative Marketing

Through innovation, sisters Andrea and Natalia Tovar have addressed a niche market where they can sell $9+ bags of canine treats.  Names such as chicken cordon bleu and Truffle mac and cheese rival delicious-sounding people foods. Bocce's Bakery makes all-natural, preservative and chemical free biscuits, in delectable flavors. These human-grade dog food treats are regularly eaten by the staff for testing and quality control. 

Bocce's Basics is their newest treat: "all with less than 4 ingredients. All-Natural, USA, Wheat-Free, Single Protein, Human-Grade. Over 100 biscuits in each box" (Bocce's). The company has sold about "8 million" (CBS) dog biscuits, which possibly makes it a million dollar-grossing company. I couldn't find out how many biscuits average each 8 oz. classic bag, but estimated about 25. In addition to all-natural and wheat-free doggie cuisine, another focus is pet food that helps control weight.

One way to be successful: develop and creatively-market an innovative product. Notice the basic box design, white with gray horizontal lines and an arch-top peek window. Isn't that reminiscent of a classic, white backyard dog house? Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

Bocce's Bakery: Our Story
CBS Sunday Morning: Taking the dog biscuit taste test.

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