Friday, April 22, 2016

No Shop Headers At Scott's Marketplace :(

I know the product is the most important thing, but my shop banner is a major part of my brand. If I'm going to invest time to list, I want my banner in place.The main thing that I don't like about Scott's is that they do not offer the feature of adding a shop banner/header. Sellers are allowed a small shop avatar with the shop name text beside it. It's really small; only enough room for a couple of initials or one simple motif. I wrote and asked about a header, and they said maybe in the future they will offer that feature.

I like the simple layout, abundant white space, good search feature and ease in visiting other shops. No stats though, that I can see, but I don't have a membership so can't see an admin panel.  Saving the link for future possibilities. Michelle T. from admin was quick to get back with me when I asked my question. Great first impression, Scott's!

Here's one nice shop, Ross Creations in Burlington, NC. Nice bookmarks and other personal accessories. Finally, a shop with an avatar! I must have looked at at least 6 shops before I found one that is taking advantage of this promotion opportunity. So many with the ugly, well not really ugly, but you know what I mean, stock avatar.




Michelle Thompson said...

Thanks for the review of our site, Sandi! I wanted to shed some light on the seller dashboard, and what those features would be. As we chatted, there will be customization down the line for your storefront, as well as store/product views. We have a lot of great things in store for 2016, so I hope you visit your bookmark soon! ;-)

As far as that ugly avatar, that's standard for all the new stores, but will be customized soon! Any other questions about selling with us, give us a shout at

Thanks for the mention!
Michelle T

Sandi Holland said...

Hi Michelle:

Thanks so much for updating us on what's happening at Scott's. And certainly, I will be continuing to visit Scott's with the possibility of opening a shop there. I know that it takes a lot of finances and time to launch and operate a listing venue. The fact that it is free for sellers to list at Scott's tells us how much the owners are investing in the site. Continued good luck to Scott's, and I look forward to visiting again.

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