Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Great Tips On Handmades Selling Success By Jess

From Jess' Create & Thrive Blog

This is the best post about tips on increasing sales and growing your handmade business that I've ever read. Jess Van Den is a  jewelry artisan who lives with her husband in the Brisbane, Australia area. Along with subjects like creating something that people actually want to buy, why you should make items that can easily be reproduced, and the importance of developing a mailing list, she talks about how vital is it to register your own domain name.

Some of her tips, like having beautiful photos, we hear over and over (and hearing it again is never too much either!). Overall, her post is a pleasant refreshing of the subject of growing sales. You should read it.

10 Things you MUST Do to Have a Successful Online Craft Business

Her shop is called Epheriell. Watch this fascinating, short video on how she makes her silver cloud earrings.

Jess says, "I believe in handmade. I believe in the power and the goodness of the micro-economy. I buy handmade and vintage wherever I can. I believe that the more of us who succeed, the better our world and our lives will be."

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