Thursday, October 16, 2014

PUBLISHING: Kizoa's Nostalgic New Slideshow Template

Kizoa, the free video maker, slideshow creator and collage builder, has a new template called Sepia. It's really nice in that it is reminiscent of viewing old family movies on a reel-to-reel. As a free service, I like Kizoa more than Animoto, because it offers a longer video length with the free account. I don't know what their max free length is, but the slideshow that I created was close to a minute. Animoto's is about 30 secs. 

There's a lot you can share within the free time length, so don't discount this resource. Using a free service is also an excellent way to learn video clips and slideshows creation. While you can use your Windows Movie Maker, Youtube Video Creator or other software, sites like Kizoa offer large popular music clips libraries and attractive themed templates. Step-by-step directions and video tutorials make it possible for anyone to learn the technology.

Upgrade your skills and start marketing your work with video clips and slideshows. Wouldn't the Kizoa Sepia template look fabulous for a wedding layout? It's so romantic and nostalgic!


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