Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WRITING: Writing Contests

One fun and unique feature that I like about is the ability for members to create contests. It's easy to create one with the text editor provided.

One of the logos that uses.

The creator decides on the award(s) and the number of placements. Some offer nothing but a placement with an award icon, and I've seen from 1st to 3rd place, up to 8 placements in some. Others offer publication too, or features. WC shares these contest creation guidelines:

You are solely responsible for the terms of this contest. You are not allowed to charge any entry fees and you can not enter the contest yourself. You will not be able to change the terms of the contest once submission has begun. 

Writer's Cafe also uses this logo.

While any member can enter, the poems submitted must already be published at the site. A drop-down menu submission tool lists your onsite poems to choose from when you enter. If there is a poem that you'd like to submit, but it is not onsite, that is not a problem. Delay your entry, post your poem, and start your submission again so that it will show up in the drop-down.

I have placed in several contests since I joined in July. I won Honorable Mention in the Nature Poems Contest for my poem

23 pigeons play in my yard.
They eat, they drink, they frolic.
With breasts puffed out
And chins tucked in,
They run.
And then with one accord,
With the flip of one loose feather,
They rise like a tide and are gone.
And me and the feather
Are alone.

WritersCafe caters to not only poetry, but all writing genres and formats. The interface is user-friendly and images can be added to posts. It's free to join, readership is active and there's no limit to the number of contests that you can enter, or create.

Poem © 2008 SHolland profile:
Images Credit: Pigeons-, Family of Pigeons-, Feather-


Ethan Smith said...

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judie said...

I loved your poem, Sandi. I could see it happen. Nice work. I will check out this site. Thanks!

Sandi Holland said...

I visited your site and found it to be a free classifieds website. I found this statement there, "...We are a leading online advertising portal with strong client base and high traffic rate and conversion. We offer a user-friendly platform to businesses and individuals to post ads for free..." I was disappointed, however, that I could not find any info on the history of the site nor the owners. I did follow your link to your personal G+ page, but your profile is not complete. Otherwise, PostAllAds4Free appears to be an opportunity, as with other free classifieds services, to market products and services when an advertising budget is tight or non-existent. I did enjoy scanning through the posts at the website G+ page. Many enjoyable and interesting things from around the world shared there, with many animated .gifs and video clips. Thanks for sharing your website with LTC. I hope that it will be useful to my readers.

Sandi Holland said...

Thanks for visiting, Judie. WC does have a lot of young adult members, and even teens. The site has such good features, though, that it makes it worth my while to seek out writers in my age group.

Sandi Holland said...

23 Pigeons has won again, in the October 2014 Writer's Cafe poetry contest, hosted by Emily (MN).

Writer's Cafe: Share your poetry, short stories and novels. Join writing groups. Enter writing contests. Search publishers, literary agents and literary magazines.

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