Saturday, September 08, 2012

Elegant Doodling Technique Increases Sense Of Wellbeing

Zentangle is an intuitive method to create beautiful designs from repetitive patterns. It began when Maria Thomas drew background designs on a manuscript.  She experienced a feeling of timelessness, well-being and focus that Rick Roberts labeled as meditation.

They created a system for others to enjoy, and the Zentangle technique was formed.  There are no erasers in Zentangle theory, and always an unknown outcome.  There are certified Zentangle teachers, and Zentangle kits.

Learn more about this mesmerizing technique at Zentangle FAQs or Blog Zentangle.

A Variety Of Pens For Drawing Crisp Lines

Colored Drawing Pens For Crisp Lines

Sketch Pads

Colored Drawing Paper


Sheryl Hastings said...

What beautiful artwork. And I'm in love with the guitar!

saheli said...

i luv the guitar's really cool sandi.

judie said...

Well, it's difficult for me to believe someone recently "invented" this type of drawing or doodling, since I myself and many of my artist friends have been doing these pen and ink drawings for many, many years, and that's what they were called...pen and ink drawings. It has been done since the 19th century and probably before (I THINK mostly for textiles, but dont quote me LOL). However, I can believe someone recently invented the word Zentangle, and that's when it caught on and spread more through the art community. It is certainly a way to keep one busy for hours and hours. It does me! Did you do that guitar Sandi? It's really pretty. :) xoxo

judie said...

P.S. I tried to do a small painting of that creek you sent me and it was a miserable failure. I will try again one day. Sigh........... xoxo

Sandi Holland said...

The swirls along with the purple make you want to grab it and start playing, lol.

Sandi Holland said...

I thought it was nice to show something different. I don't see many guitars in posts.

Sandi Holland said...

Hi Judie: Nice to hear from you. No I didn't do the guitar. But I DO like doodling and using my doodles in my art and craftwork. I also love working in small spaces.

I agree that the title, the theory, the workshops, and all of the marketing campaigns are very creative. It opens up the technique to a large audience, including children and seniors, who may have attention and motor challenges. The creators of Zentangle loved it and were so enthusiastic about it that they chose to inspire others.

That's my mission and artist statement, to inspire others with enthusiasm for color, design and creativity in everyday life.

Sandi Holland said...

Maybe you were trying too hard. I don't think you were trying too hard with that black cat in the window. It came out beautifully.

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