Monday, August 06, 2012

What If We Could Live In The Places In Our Dreams?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to remain there?  You know.  That dreamy, ethereal, but oh-so-real, nocturnal place that you visit once, twice or more times?  Dream Places mini hand-bound journal has eleven pages that ask that question, What if we could live in the places in our dreams?

Hand-bound Journal
It began as two pieces of cardboard and was completed using hand-decorated paper, clipart, watercolor, stamping, wire, beads, embroidery floss, and other media.  I chose gold inside papers because they compliment the blue color scheme of the pages.
Gold-colored paper used to line inside covers of my handmade book.

Collage handmade journal page.
I left the back of each page white, except for motivational words, so that they would not compete with the main decorated pages.

Handmade journal page embellished with paint.
When I use adhesives and paints to embellish my paper, I like the curling that occurs. I don't try to flatten my pages because I feel it adds dimension.  The pages of this 3x5" book are nicely crinkled, making the book easy to stand up for display too.
This top view of the pages shows my "Crinkle Journal" technique.

Paper fringe used on collage journal page.
I made an easy hinged front and used a large needle to stitch the pages and covers together. I used metal washers and beads to embellish and hide the awl-punched holes.
Metal washers, embroidery floss and beads used in book making.
Backside of hand-bound mini journal.

Photocopies used in making mini journal pages.
I wrote the verse myself.  I enjoy incorporating my poetry and prose in my artwork, as well as my quotations and buzz words.
Handwriting used in collage journal pages.
This would make a nice gift for someone who enjoys dream interpretation.  Someone who likes to ask, What if, and who enjoys exploring the possibilities in life would also like this small, personal handmade book.
Cattails and birds tiny clipart on handmade journal page.

Stamping and cancelled stamps used to make journal pages.

Salvaged copy of drawing used in journal page creation.
Handwriting text can be used upside-down for interest on collaged pages.
Clocks feature throughout this mini handmade journal.

The moon is shown 7 times in my journal.

Dreaming is all in your mind, but how do you know that you didn't REALLY go there?

Dream Places is available at my eCrater store.
(c)Sandi Holland


Introverted Art said...

some places in my dreams would be lovely to visit. oOthers, not so much. I had a dream I was being chased by zombies ;P

Sandi Holland said...

I can't think of any reason that I'd want to remain with zombies either, lol! :) Thank God for the lovely places in our dreams.

Thanks for stopping by. I read your profile and liked your advanced explanation of introvert. I do that with my explanation of being a Gemini too :))

Sheryl Hastings said...

Great journal. I love the fun look and the bright colors.

Sandi Holland said...

Thank you, Sheryl. I went to Craftsy today and did more looking around. That's a great site with lots of great resources. Can't wait to have more time to explore and take some courses.

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