Thursday, April 12, 2012

Relax, Carve, Create: Learn How Today

Handcarving art stamps for printing exciting designs is not as hard as you think.  I've been carving for years and enjoy sharing my expertise.

Hand-printed place card using handcarved art stamp.
In this introduction to my tutorial you will see how exciting it can be to make unique stamps that only you can design: 

 Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Easily design your own giftwrap and other unique items with a stamp made with your own doodles or other images.  You can carve different stamps, or a series of one theme. 

Gift Wrap: Hand-printed using handcarved eraser art stamp.
Whatever you decide, you stamps can give you years of pleasure through designing and printing items to sell and give.

Handcarved Art Stamps: Drawing your designs
My Handcarving Tutorial at is easy to understand and you'll see how quickly you can learn this fulfilling craft technique.  You can't buy rubberstamps like your own.  Though the elaborate stamp designs that you can buy at craft stores are attractive (and I have a few), simple handcrafted stamps are often the most striking.

Learn the steps to art stamp carving and plan to make your first stamp today.


gg9909 said...

this is a great alternative idea for those times we don't have gift wrap paper on hand. :)

Sandi Holland said...

You're right GG. I've been designing my own wrapping paper for years, using all types of mark-making and printing tools.

Bo said...

Glad to be following your blog. :)

Teresa Rusk said...

Wonderful! This is one thing I haven't tried, yet anyway!

Kathy said...

Good tutorial, thanks Sandi.

Sandi Holland said...

Hi Bo: So glad to have you. Thanks!.

Sandi Holland said...

Well Teresa, have you tried it yet. Probably not, lol! I know how busy you are. Maybe one day you can rest for a long time, and try something new!. Have a nice evening.

Sandi Holland said...

Hi Kathy: Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you are doing well. Saw that you'd merged one of your sites with another. I know it must be a lot easier for you now. Have a nice day.

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