Saturday, April 07, 2012

Papercrafting Fetish Fixation Obsession

Why I love papercrafting I don't know.  I don't know when it began, but maybe before I was conceived, as was my love of creativity period.  Long ago I adopted the moniker paperlady, though there are others who use it as well.  What you don't know is that everywhere I've been on the creative www I've sought to use paper crafting user names.

Collage: Applying my hand-painted paper in my Scarfed Lady small collage wall art.
One of my favorites is paperdreamer, which I use at Twitter.  I dream and daydream of paper and papercrafts projects.  At Picasa I'm paperfix.  When I was at DeviantArt I was papervariant.  Maybe paper excites me because it's easy to tear, either with a straight, deckled or uneven edge.  I don't know.  You can only understand if the lightweight sheets of colorful, crafting bliss also send you into swooning fits. 

Lucy Painter (Consulting Editor), Hermes House (Publisher) 2002
 My favorite coffee table book is my Papercrafts and Origami.  I confiscated this thick creative reference years ago for a cool $5 at Barnes and Noble.  I read it like a novel, because it gives me a thrill as I get to know the papercrafts characters in the projects.  I figure out the mystery of each papercraft construction as I read over and over.  Bizarre isn't it?  I like being creatively bizarre.

Papercrafted Greeting Medallions
When I saw a paper project for these pinwheels in the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I could not rest until I tried it.  It was on my mind day and night until I was able to find time to make two.  As usual my mind runs ahead with a proliferation of creative ideas.  I know you know about that!  That is how I added the bird and leaf dangles to make my Medallion Greetings.

Though I work with a variety of media, paper in all weights, sizes, colors and textures, is irresistibly fascinating.  You think I'm partial to paper?  Well, I'm a paper queen, because I feel rich and royal when I work with paper.

CraftsBits has an extensive library of papercraft projects. 
Papercrafts has a comprehensive website that supplements their popular magazine.

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