Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do We Do It All?

Me and 2 of my crafty friends were discussing the time and effort required to market -vs- create.  How do crafters make time for upcoming projects that are constantly looming on the horizon?

Like my clock designing projects?

Salvaged Clock Works
My salvaged clock works rest patiently on my wall waiting to keep time on various collaged wall art, or altered art CDs.

As soon as possible I really I need to scan some more of my long-standing inventory and edit the pics for listing.  But what about the collage-in-progress featuring my neck-scarfed lady?

Neck-scarfed Lady Collage In Progress
I've got so many drawings that I want to use up.  I've decided to cease copying my drawings and just doodle new ones as I need them.  It'll make my work more unique.  Anyway I don't have time to copy and reuse my drawings into infinity.  My shapely lady waits patiently on my work board and reflects on why I haven't yet surrounded her with the colors that she loves.

I need to answer some emails and introduce myself to some of the creative groups I've joined at my latest social site.  How do we do it all?  We don't.  We just do an infuriatingly little bit here and there, as time allows.


bohemiannie! art said...

I've learned that I have all the time in the world...and every time I start feeling the crunch...I remind myself of that. And guess what?!? I get LOTS done. And looks like you do too!

Sher said...

I wish there were more hours in the day! I guess we'll just have to do the best that we can with the hours that we have.

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