Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Giving With Love

Valentine's Ornament: Collage, Wire, Beads, Ribbons
I want to do more giving this year.   I actually started in December when I gave this heart ornament to a customer.  I had not responded to an order within the time frame which I had allotted myself, so I apologized and promised to send him a free gift.

For artists and crafters the best free gifts are the ones we'd rather keep, or sell, or reserve for special people.  True love involves sacrifice, and while I can't say that I loved my customer from California, I can say that my giving spirit was based in love.  I do appreciate my customers and want them to always feel that I care enough to provide them with the very best service.

Valentine's Ornament -back-: Rubberstamping, Hand-lettering

I really liked this ornament, especially since I had salvaged it from a group of three wooden hearts.  They were rustically strung together with twine, and made to encircle large candle jars.  Years ago I had ordered it from a coworker who shared a catalog from her child's school.  I had never used it before I decided to clip, snip and create!

You know that I enjoy working in small spaces so much, which is why my palm-sized ornament is so elaborate and exquisite.  It was a labor or LOVE, but isn't just about everything for us creative types?  When I stamped this cherub on the back, it didn't transfer perfectly.  I had to lovingly fill it in with a metallic pen.

I released it with joy, knowing that it was flying away on the wings of a good cause.  I keep a box of items that I prefer to give as incentive gifts, and I add to it from various sources.  This thank you gift was not from that box, but that is okay.  In a way it was sold too, just as any other item ordered from me.  


Teresa Rusk said...

They are both so beautiful! And most people do like that extra touch. It does show that you care about them and not just the purchase. Like I've said before, your creations always amaze me and inspire me to more creative with all manner of things. For that, I thank you my friend. :)

judie said...

These are awesome Sandi. Obviously made with love in your heart. Great post about love. xoxo

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