Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just A Little Something

Handmade Gift Tag
Have you ever thought of what attractive gift tags your doodles can make?

My little birdie scribble has a brother.  They both are waiting to greet gift recipients with a perky hello.  How happy I am that I didn't send them to the round file!  They are much more useful as creative bearers of good will.

Isn't it interesting how we try so hard to execute a perfect piece of artwork, when a doodle like this can bring so much joy and pleasure to someone's life?  Loosen up and create.  You would do more creating if you would stop trying to be so perfect.

This scrap piece of card stock has a blended pastel background. I finished it with hand lettering and accents in black permanent marker, and a raffia tie.  Buy this tag , along with 2 others of your choice at my Gift Tag Shop at Craftsu.


trusk4u said...

Sandi, he's fabulous! I love the whimsical look of your artwork. It has a charm all it's own and that makes it special! I'll bet you sell a lot of these! :)

Carol said...

I see you're a doodler, too, Sandi! Liked your blog so much I became a follower! Keep in touch. Maybe we can inspire each other!

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