Thursday, May 07, 2009

Aromaterapia T&S Soap

My second batch of Tight & Smooth glycerin face soap is curing. It takes 2-3 weeks after unmolding, which is done the same day. Practice makes perfect and this time it went much faster with less anxiety. I'm excited!

I embedded pressed flora instead of silk flowers and I like it better. T&S soap will always be wrapped in lime-colored paper.

I have many other soaps that I want to try but I had to hurry and make this second batch of T&S. Soon I will be running out of my last bar of it.

I plan to sell my Aromaterapia products locally at festivals and markets, and by word of mouth. I may sell a number of very select products through my online store when it is launched. These will be products that are easy and inexpensive to ship. I will be offering whole and half bars of my soaps and plan to somtimes give away 1/4 bars as trial sizes.
Aromaterapia is aromatherapy: Fragrance for Body, Mind, Spirit & Environment

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