Friday, October 03, 2008

A Man's Thoughts Wedding Cards

Here are the 2 last cards in this line. Though I will still be using the hand-carved cake stamp in other artwork, I don't plan to design anymore of these marriage cards from the groom to the bride.

When I first started the design I went with a standard card of the traditional type and this is what I produced:

In evaluating it, I decided that it was just too plain and static. I could create designs like this indefinitely. This was not going to get it for me. How many silk flowers are there, pre-printed papers, metallic ribbon, white/cream embellishments? It just wasn't me. I needed something more jazzy. More funky. So I let go and these cards came forth. Cards after my own heart.

This is the eraser stamp I carved:

I've started on 6 cards from the bride to the groom. I finished carving the groom's cake stamp, which is one layer with the 2 hearts topper.

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