Saturday, December 15, 2007

"I May Stumble..."

Click to view this larger image of a previously uploaded pic. I have reposted it for those who expressed disappointment about not being able to see it up close.

I May Stumble..., is a very small personal piece of wall art, approx. 9" x 5" incl. hanger. It states, I May Stumble, I May Even Fall, But I Always Get Up.

It is a good example of recycling since I started with cardboard and scrap paper.I had a small scribbled draft of a larger wall hanging that I wanted to make. I had done the text in black marker on a little piece of white paper. I rarely throw anything away and my drafts often become a unique piece of art.

I colored this draft with color pencils and pasted it to the middle left. This is an altered art piece (reworked collage) using marker, dimensional paint and metallic paint pens.I used red metallic wire and gold transparent beads for the dangles and hanger. The red wire reflects through the gold beads, adding an extra dimension. The hanger has a gold bugle bead between each round bead (I love bugles!!!), making the spaces. I graduated the length of the dangles, making middle one with 4 beads, the next 2 with 3 beads, and the end dangles with 2 beads each.

It was very satisfying making this piece of motivational art. I look forward to making many more of this kind, and larger ones as well.

I May Stumble, 9"x5", altered art


altermyworld said...

This is a great great piece. I am so in love with it. I say "RIGHT ON!" Using recycled and scraps and bits and bobs . AND i adore the beads. I am sorry i never got back to you about the tags, time just flew away from me, and i forgot, please accept my apologies.

altermyworld said...

I came back to look at this piece again. it just is perfection in my eyes. Great art.
Have a wonderful holiday.

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