Wednesday, November 28, 2007

TreeTown 2 Marker Art


This is a marker painting titled TreeTown 2 and features one of my whimsical and fantastical skys. Click on it (Surprise!!!) to see an enlarged image. I have been having problems uploading pics with an enlarged image also. I had no problem doing this when I taught myself html and started building my website. There all of my images click to larger ones. After much work I discovered how to do it in this Blogger interface. Hopefully I can do it from now on.

My treetown idea was born when I took a small piece of wood and painted the nightime silhouette of a small town at the bottom. I noticed that some of my pressed leaved resembled trees so I adhered a few of them to that painting and treetown was born. I then fashioned a crescent moon from aluminum and embedded and glued it to the night sky. I also cut three aluminum stars and attached them the same way. This aluminum was salvaged from a soda can which I cut using aviation tin snips. I was very pleased with my little collage treetown and made 2 more. I also drilled holes and attached wire hangers to each one.

I was so excited about developing tree town that I have made 2 paintings using this idea, and will do more I am sure. Sometimes I like to depict a small town, and at other times I enjoy painting a cityscape. See my first TreeTown painting, which is watercolor, here TreeTown1 .

I really like designing borders. They are quick and easy to make. Notice the simple star motif surrounding this painting. I started falling in love with borders through noticing them on others' artwork, graphic illustration and decorative accessories. I studied them closely and said, "I can do that!" Just breathe deeply, relax and doodle! Lol. I copied this marker art piece and will be attaching it to a piece of wood and altering it as wall art pieces.

Do you do any art with markers?

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Flassie's Fil'a said...

Just stopped in to say Hello!
I love your Christmas card
below and I love this Tree
Town scene a lot that you
created. All the elements
used to make it. It's Fantastic!

I've used markers b/4.

Have a Blessed Christmas!!!

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