Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Habuse: New Handmade Selling Venue Needs Improvement

Habuse is a new handmades venue with an address at, Sascha Prötsch, MBA, Mayrmuehlweg 3, A-5303, Thalgau, Austria, eMail: sale(at) While the site lists itself as a handmades venue, it also has shopping categories such as electronics and accessories. Vintage can also be sold there. The site is pretty vacant, and I assume it is fairly new. In fact, in the About Us section it is stated that the idea for the site developed in August of this year.

There seems to be only a handful of sellers present, if that many. It looks more like 2 sellers. I do like the New Arrivals tab at the top, which the visitor can click and then see categories of new arrivals to explore. I could not find enough info on listing, and the fees are shown as 3% fvf in one place, and then in the TOU pages under fees as 3.5% and 4% + 0.50 for payment processing. The payment processing fee is on top of the Paypal fee, it seems. I know that Dwanda also charges an additional payment processing fee, and maybe Etsy.

The site seems a little cluttered for my taste, and clunky as far as navigating. I saw no shop banners for the couple that I visited, so don't know if banners or avatars are allowed. You are given 14 days to cancel your account, and I don't know what happens after that if you want to cancel or delete. There are some spelling/grammar errors in much of the website communication. This caused me to wonder what would be my experience if I had any issues for which I would need support. Would communication to resolve issues take an excessive amount of time to get an understanding?

I've decided not to open a membership there at this time. I wish the owners success with their venture. Over time the site may improve. We handmade sellers are always seeking new opportunities to list, because it is much needed. Competition is growing every day.

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Sandi- ArtsyCrafteryStudio said...

This site is not loading, as of 9/16/16. Error page reads: Server not found.

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