Wednesday, July 08, 2015

CRAFTING: How To Use A Digital/Digi Stamp

I was looking around at Meylah this morning, after listing my latest product, and I ran across a digital stamp listing. I had always wondered if there is a significant difference between digi stamps and clip art, because this product looked like a black and white, downloadable clip art file. Deciding to educate myself once and for all, I found in my searches that there is one main difference between the two.

Digital stamp files are usually designed for stampers and others who embellish images for use in creative projects. They are generally unfinished, black and white line drawings, sketches or stamped images made into downloadable files. Clip art is often finished images that need no further embellishment in order to be printed and used.  

If you've ever wondered, below is a tutorial on how to access and use a digi stamp.


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