Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MARKETING On The Internet:What's Your Problem?

What will it take for your Internet marketing program to pay off?

Been struggling with your Internet marketing process? Confused about all of the options, resources, business social sites and SEO advisers that are available? Maybe it would be helpful for you to back up and seriously evaluate your feelings about utilizing the Internet to generate income and extend your reach. Read what Quora members have to share about What is the biggest problem that small businesses are facing regarding marketing on the Internet? 

There are so many sage comments at this Quora page that can help give you insight into the possible sources of your problems with savvy Internet marketing. Here are a few:  

"4. They have not clearly identified what makes their small business truly unique from the goliaths or local competition that offer similar products/services. This lack of differentiation decreases the effectiveness and power of their marketing communications, because they look like everybody else."

"So the important question to ask is What specific objective does the small business owner have in mind as he or she envisions an Internet solution? Many are convinced that Internet marketing (or social media) can make a big difference in their business, but they're just not sure how. "
"4) Understanding that just because the tools are (usually) free, and (usually) easy to use, that using them *effectively* isn't as easy.  A hammer is cheap and easy to swing, but it's not for screwing in screws is it?"  

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