Saturday, March 07, 2015

MANAGEMENT: Scrapping A Faulty Browser

I have used Mozilla Firefox for years, and sometimes Chrome. Recently, I decided that I wanted a new browser experience. I chose to download Opera. Have been enjoying the clean interface, and familiarizing myself with the bookmarks/favorites feature for a couple of weeks now. In my research, I vaguely remember reading that Opera has been reported to not display web pages correctly. Well, I found out this morning that it is true for at least one site that I visit almost daily.

At Society6, where I sell my surface designs on decor, accessories and functional products, I saw that the check marks on the avatars, that identify the artists whom I follow, were missing. I loaded Firefox to be sure that it was not a temporary site glitch, and sure enough the check marks were where they should be.

So, my fun with Opera was short-lived. Can't take a chance on missing out on important information from other sites. For business success always evaluate, make a swift decision, and don't look back.

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