Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CRAFTING: Plans For Your Craft Fair Booth

Kit's Crafts

With spring and summer coming on many of you will be considering exhibiting at craft festivals, artist markets and street fairs. Kit's Crafts blog shares excellent tips on good booth design. Under posts such as Prepping For The Craft Fair, Craft Display Ideas, and Screen Backdrop Tutorial, you'll find savvy suggestions to get the most out of your display tables at the craft show.

She teaches you how to make your backdrop screen easier to carry and store, how much inventory to plan for and the best way to increase your display space. She also shares many links to other display design information sites to help you make your booth not only functional, but attractive as well. "You don't have to spend a ton of money to stand out, although, you may need to spend a bit of time," says Kit.

One valuable tip that I ran across is to carefully evaluate and prepare for adverse weather, especially windiness and blowing rain. I read a disastrous but humorous account of a crafter who was not prepared for this. The comical descriptions stuck in my mind as something I would never want to experience. It is surprising how often we don't think of simple considerations like checking the weather report as newbies. We do it for picnics and sports, though.

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