Monday, August 12, 2013

Spot-On-Art: Dragonflys, Dragonflies, Dragonfleis

Dragonflies are my favorite insects. I couldn't believe it when a black one flitted onto the balcony, and flew back and forth. I rushed inside because I didn't want to scare it way.

Les Jardin de Vie

Natural Earth

Also, that old childhood superstition comes to mind when I see them. Supposedly, if a dragonfly lights on your eye, you will go blind.

First Palette

AZ Embroidery Barn

It lighted on the balcony railing, and to my delight, sat there for some time as I watched. I don't get to see them that often. They seem magical, something that I would not see in the ordinary places in which I live. 

Krafty Chix

Shaboo Prints
Black Gossamer & Legs

Gossamer wings they always have,
Like the one I saw today,
Perched on the balcony railing to say,
Don't just look, come out to play.
But I'd quickly went in when I saw him come.
As much to see him as not to be touched.
I ran inside and stood looking out,
Trying to figure what he was about.
He sat there on his crooked legs.
Black sheer wings flicked to and 'fro.
Thinking of what I just don't know.
I looked away, and when I looked back,
The dragonfly had quietly left,
And I was lonely and bereft. 

Perdita's Glass Art
Studio Bling

Kpoel Maarts


Gardens And Crafts
Needful Things of Salem
Warm Heart Craft

Sandi Holland Mixed Media

Sandi Holland Mixed Media
Blue Sky Pottery

Dragonflys are just lovely in their mysteriousness.


saheli said...

hi sandi,it was nice to learn u miss my post.felt great.went to india for vacn.came back and will be regular soon.luv this art especially butterfly with heart cushion.

judie said...

So many dragonflies you found! All are beautiful. Did you know, if you are outside and hold up your arm and point a finger straight up when dragonflies are around, and be very, very, very still, one might land on your fingertip. My daddy taught me that and I have done it. It's awesome. Makes you feel one with nature. Really like your poem.

Sandi Holland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi Holland said...

No Judy, I didn't know that :) Maybe one day I'll try it. I'd love the experience of feeling one with nature. It's a blessing to have a pleasant thought like that about your daddy. That's one of the poems that I've posted at PoemHunter:

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Sharon said...

Beautiful poem! I am also a dragonfly lover. I can't resist paper that has dragonflies on it. Love all the artwork you were able to find with the dragonfly theme. ")

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