Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Maybe You Should Make Some Changes

Ventures and enterprises can become a tangled mess sometimes, and changes are often things that we fear.  With changes can come a long learning curve, and some changes can make us feel further behind than we were.

For some reason, we sometimes feel that changes can mess things up even more.  While changes can be quite disrupting, purposeful changes can be a good thing.  Deciding to make or not make a change can mean the difference between continued success, and failure.

Have you thought about possible changes this year for your ventures?  I made the decision to update my logo for my eCrater store.  The new logo coordinates better with my backgrounds and headers around the Net.

My old logo.
My new logo. defines change as ....the act or instance of making or becoming different....

I've decided to move my Exquisite Little Tags Shop to my eCrater stores, where it will have its own category.

I really like designing tags.  Though I enjoyed the boutique feel of my blog-based tag shop, it will be so much easier and faster for me to manage it at eCrater.

What change can you make to lighten your load?  That change could result in more visibility, more opportunities, more sales.  It would be worth it, wouldn't it?  A rhetorical question.

I updated my profile image for my creative sites, and plan to produce new profile and album photos for social site use.  We like to see current pics of others, don't we?  But don't we sometimes like to keep our own old photos on our sites and profiles, reasoning that they're not that  old, and I do still look like that, a little...  We have pet photos, don't we?

Do you need a new profile photo?  A different style?  A new design?  Isn't it time for your followers and readers to see you, instead of that cat or those wildflowers?  Some prefer not to use a real photo, and that is okay.  I felt that way once, long ago.

Handmade Watercolor Card
The Free Dictionary by Farlex defines change as cause to be different, to transform, to put a fresh covering on, a variation, deviation, or modification....  A most significant definition for change, by Farlex , and which can be critical to business success is lay aside, abandon, or leave for another, switch....

Handmade Card: Friends Are Like Leaves
I've decided to stop designing the main types of greeting cards that I've been making, because it's just not worth my time and effort anymore.  With email, ecards, blog comments and other online communication, the market's just not there anymore.

Blue Roses Handmade Card
Or I should say the market is not significant enough for me to continue to devote my time and effort to this division of papercrafting.  It was a hard decision, since I've been making them for years, and love working in the small format.

Peace Watercolor Card
I decided on other ways to do the same type of collage and altered art in other products.  I will also design cards through commission.  I'll also continue a small line of specialized watercolor cards marketed to a niche demographic.

Handmade Collage Greeting Card
It's not easy to cut to the quick of what you want to do.  I had to ask myself some vital questions.  I had to come to decisions that felt like amputating my arm.  But in time, I will be doing more of what I love to do.

I closed my Storenvy store, and will be integrating those products into my eCrater shops.  I've decided to change the name , because the shop became to be more than just about romance.

The essence of the new shop will still be the same, all about love in various forms, and it will get a new logo.  I really liked Storenvy, and will miss them and the site, but it had to be done.  Storenvy and eCrater are different, but eCrater better serves my needs.

So I say goodbye to some things, because it's out with the old.  I've cut off my arms in order to grow stronger, new limbs.  I say hello to new things.  New year.  New ventures.  New changes.

Are there some things that you should

seriously consider changing for 2013? 


bohemiannie! art said...

You're making lots of changes Sandi. Brave soul. But, in my own way, so am I. We'll be brave together. Happy New Year full of positive, prosperous changes.

Sandi Holland said...

Hi Annie: We creative people know that amputation and re-growth is an ongoing process, don't we? The same Happy New Year to you, and your family.

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