Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Imagine. Do. Become.

Bugle beads, wire and salvaged items used in mixed media artwork.

How many creative imaginations do you have per day?  Creative ideas flow through my mind throughout the day.  I dream of stuff to create, and wake up compelled to bring it to pass.   What process do you use to identify the ideas that you should follow?

It helps me to choose an idea when it is related to a current project.  It can then be seamlessly integrated into my schedule.  I'll often already have the supplies needed for production.  Sometimes a vision is brand new though, unrelated to anything I've ever done.

Frosted glass bead and embroidery stitches in mixed media.

In that case you could ask yourself if the idea is frivolous.  I don't mean like a whimsical piece of artwork, or a fun photographic jaunt.  I mean is the idea frivolous compared to what you consider to be a productive day.  I don't have time for frivolous pursuits that pop up in my head, in all of their technicolor magnificence.  I do, however, make time for vacations of rest, in order to do frivolous things, and de-stress.  That's different. 

Hole-less beads, bead trim and dangles used in mixed media.

When we are overwhelmed by exciting ideas, we can ask ourselves if moving on the idea is worth our time.  Especially when planning to list an item that would be the result of a new idea, we have to determine if anyone would want to buy it.  Better still, will we be able to invest the time in seeking out a niche market for our little brainstorm, and successfully marketing to it?

Braided gold metallic cord scrap used in artwork.

Imagination is wonderful and thrilling, but alone it does not produce anything.  With imagination comes a feeling of exhilaration.  When we put the doing with a good idea, the brainstorm becomes worthwhile.  I have done many things that years ago I dreamed of doing.  I've seen my imagination come to life many times, as I've spurred myself to get up and do the good ideas.  The good ideas are the ones that speak deeply to who I am.  They are also the ones for which I am truly passionate about, rather than just fond of.

Self hanger for wall art made with blue embroidery floss.

Make time, squeeze out a few dollars, clear away a tiny corner, and do that imagination.  By giving yourself an extra spur in the flanks, you'll design more crafts, make more art, and become a better writer, photographer...

Craft bell charm dangling from mixed media wall art.

Don't stop at imagining.  Do and become better and more productive at all that you do.  My mini wall art piece illustrates the rich and varied opportunities available to you.  There are many directions to go, and many paths to take.  Choosing the best ideas and being diligent in making them come to pass leads to stardom, your own type of stardom.  All of your decisions about your ideas should lead you forward, and upward.

Two interesting scripture references grace this elaborate mixed media collage: I Chronicles 28:9 and II Corinthians 5:17.  I used a foam core base for the hand-painted paper, glitter, ribbon, wire, salvaged items and beads.

A glitter trail sparkles from one side to the other in this small mixed media piece.

Imagine. Do. Become, mixed media, 1 1/2" x  9 1/4" excl hanger. 


bohemiannie! art said...

This piece is fabulous! Your imagination shines and I'm glad you spent frivolous time making it.

Sandi Holland said...

That's how I feel when I create something that I didn't have to spend a lot of time planning. It just flowed in it's creation. When it was done it just stopped, lol. Thanks for visiting, Annie.

judie said... have made an awesome piece of art! xo

Sandi Holland said...

Creativity is certainly awesome, Judie. Happy Holidays to you.

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