Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Spot-On-Art: Black Cats Not Scary Anymore

Did you grow up afraid of black cats?  If you were like most of us, when one crossed your path you ran the other way.  Maybe you crossed your heart or spent days fearing any number of possible catastrophes.

Black cat wondering why I'm taking his picture.
Recently, I realized that my ambivalence about black cats had changed to appreciation.  There are 3 black cats that wander around our apartments.  They climb over the fence, walk gingerly through the grass, and sleep on the property transformer boxes.

Black cat sleeping where he shouldn't be.
I like watching the stark black of their fur against the bright green grass, as they walk in the backyard.  They never seem menacing at all, just wary of me.  Once I got one of them to sit near me as I sat on the bottom step.  He blinked his yellow eyes and just stared as I talked quietly to him.  Am I a cat whisperer?  No.  Just being friendly.  Be a friend if you want a friend.

Black cat sitting a moment to listen to me.
There is a 4th black cat that sits in a window of another apartment.  I was reminded recently of how much I want to paint him when I saw Judie's painting at flickr, which I added to my favorites.  I like how she didn't spend a lot of time crafting the cat.  She dabbed him in, which allows our eyes to do the rest.   You can almost see his tail slowly flicking back and forth.

Little Kitty in the Window
Enjoy my Spot-On-Art feature of black cat artwork and crafting.  And the next time one of these sleek, dark felines crosses your path, don't run.  Just stop and say My aren't you a beautiful creature.  You may be rewarded with a yellow blink of surprise, and a soft meow of thanks. 

Soda Pop Creations

Kristy Dekoning Fine Art


Sew Cute Cards
Dave Smallen

black cat art doll
Sandy Mastroni: Black Cat Art Doll


Sandra Tyler said...

I actually love cats of all kinds. How are you, Dear??

Toynga said...

What a lovely post! Very inspiring :) Thanks for sharing.

judie said...

What a fun post Sandi. Using my little sketch is a real compliment. Thank you. I especially like the rainy day sketch. I do the same as that cat sometimes when it rains. Just stare out the window at the water.

Also the photo on your sidebar of the little creek is lovely. Immediately I envisioned a fine art painting using that as a source. Imagine deleting the building, and perhaps changing the bridge to a little stone one....or none...just a "forest" scene. Sigh...wish I could get back to fine art painting. Maybe one day.

Nice post. I enjoyed your black cats. :)

bohemiannie! art said...

I love cats of any color! One of my favorite pets was mostly black and this post just made me miss him.

Kathy said...

Lovely post. I love all cats and consider them all omens of good luck - especially the black ones ^_^

Sandi Holland said...

I'm doing good making time to write more. Thanks for asking.

Sandi Holland said...

Thanks for visiting Toynga. How are you?

Sandi Holland said...

Well Judie, maybe I'll just send you that image so you can paint it however you want. Yes, the black cats are beautiful, especially against the green grass.

Rose said...

Great picks! I love seeing the black cat features today. The bottle cap necklace is so sweet.

Sandi Holland said...

They area really beautiful against the grass.

Sandi Holland said...

Sometimes they seem to understand us.

Sandi Holland said...

I agree Rose. Seeing the back of the cat makes it look so innocent.

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