Saturday, September 24, 2011

Papier Mache How To: Tissue Sculpting

Papier Mache How To: Napkin Rings
Deciding to sculpt tissue paper peppers, to adhere to my papier mache napkin rings, was a little frightening.  I wasn't sure I could make them close enough to the same size or shape.  They didn't need to be identical, but I wanted them to be somewhat uniform.

I tore equal strips of tissue paper from the colors I wanted.  I decided on the size by imagining the feel of forming the pepper shapes.  I could then feel approximately how much wet tissue I would need.

Using the same water and glue mixture that I used to make the
rings, I covered the strips, one at a time.  When I felt that they were moist enough to form shapes, I lightly pressed them into pepper forms.  I pressed each form onto a ring, lightly pressing along the sides to make a good seal with the curved surface.

When all rings had a pepper, I worked with them until they closely resembled each other.  Some I had to alter their angle.  Others I had to elongate or shorten.  To one I had to add an additional tiny strip of tissue, along the length on top of it, until I was satisfied with it's form.

All in all, I am happy with the results.  Next I attach the green stems.  They will probably be tissue paper too. 

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aMorita-Sa said...

These are sooo cute, Sandi. and I looked at the napkins you are matching them with. Lovely...are you thinking about place mats to match?

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