Thursday, August 12, 2010

Words Come Out, Blessings Come In...

We've heard it, we've read it. The words we speak today form the type of tomorrow we have.

Being conscious of what comes from our lips gives us power to make the future that we want.

Think a thought long enough, good or bad, and it forms words. When the words pass our lips they make things, situations, relationships, open doors.

See my lip details from my artwork? No matter what the color or shape of your lips, you have the power to color and shape your tomorrow. You can color and shape it in a way which benefits you and others.

If you would like to see the artwork that one of these lips images is a part of, let me know.

Have a nice day filled with positive words.


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Those are great!

I'd like to see all
the pieces.

So True!!

God Bless You & Yours!!!

judie said...

Wonderful message in the lips post Sandi. Gosh I have not visited in so long. Now I have you saved again I'll be here more often. Really like your country road paintings. xoxoxo

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