Friday, August 14, 2009

Discount Bleach Pen A Dud For Dots

I have nothing to report on my first process on my altered couture jeans. I had picked up the bleach pen at a discount store. I applied it to jeans and after several hours there were no dots and not a single thread was lightened. Of course, I had expected to see white dots appear in 5 minutes. Now I plan to work with liquid bleach and an old brush, if I don't buy another bleach pen at a regular price store. The pen I tried to use may be old and outdated. I remember reading something some time ago about bleach losing its potency after a while.

1 comment:

lila said...

Well, that bleach pen was pretty weak, I'd say! LOL!
I am amazed at all the things we have to try to make our art!

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