Saturday, October 06, 2007

Plant Lover

This is one of my more funky, artistic card designs which I may reproduce. The main element is the plant stand which I drew freehand as I referred to a photo. Then I cut it out and adhered to card.

This is a collage card using black glossy paper, which I sponged with cream colored acrylic paint. This was not easy to do as the paint beaded. I had to decide that I was satisfied at a point and let it dry. The orange strip is decorative constuction paper, called sugar paper in England. I first decorated it with a black marker, cut a strip and brayered it down onto the card. I then used the marker and a gold paint pen to enhance the collage.

Using a celery colored ink and a leaves background stamp, I added the light green panel. Plant Lover printed in my handwriting and a gold border finished this jazzy card for those who love to pot plants.

Just go with the flow when creating. Anything is okay, and anything goes!

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