These are affiliate links to copies of books in my creative home reference library, and other books that I recommend.

Many of these books are being sold as used copies, as well as new.  You may be able to find some of them at book store clearances, yard sales, thrift stores and library sales. I rarely see them at thrift stores and they go fast when they are. Some, though very few, can also be checked out at the library. I ran across two of my favorites at a public library, and sought them for years at a good used price. Finally this year, I found them at a wonderful price at Thriftbooks.

I love my reference library and feel blessed to have so many beautiful volumes to enjoy.  While I can find reference materials online for anything that I need, it will never beat getting a cup of coffee or tea, and sitting down with a colorful, inspiring art or craft book.  Enjoy and may you be blessed with many bargains.


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