Monday, December 29, 2008

Year 'Round Gift Tags

You know gift giving never stops. There's always a birthday, wedding, new baby, new love, anniversary, graduation, new house, etc. I enjoy making gift tags, especially with the scraps left over from my other art projects.

I usually package them in sets of 2-3 tags and name the sets, such as: Hello Gallery, Night Dreamin and Golden Harvest.

The Secret Message tags are 1 to a pkg because they are little envelopes with tiny cards secreted inside.

Making gift tags is in synch with my tendency to work in small spaces with tiny detail.


Some tags I make larger than others so that a more detailed msg can be written inside.

I like to see my tags used on packages wrapped with solid-colored paper or paper with a simple design. This helps the artistry of the tag to stand out.

I made the tie-dyed tag by dipping the corners of folded white tissue paper into ink then gluing to cardstock.

I really like naming stuff and get as much of a thrill out of that as I do actually making the art!


Lisa said...

I love your tags. That's an awesome idea!

If you're like me, you'll never come over to see if I answered your question. lol So, the big-eyed girl in the painting was done with plain old cheap craft acrylic paints.

Your comment about her made my day.

judie said...

Hi Sandi. It's been awhile since I visited but I'm totally enjoying my time here. I love your pillow beads. Imagine if they had potpourri in them??? Hang them on doorknobs, dresser knobs, etc. I have also just discovered your chapbooks and your poetry. Love the poetry I have been able to read so far. In all my past visits, I didn't even know you wrote so beautifully. Girl, your heart is full of love. It shows in your poems. I write poetry sometimes, and was writing a book of short stories last year but my personal tragedy interrupted it. It just sits there now. Did you ever get your co-op of independent and self-publishers started? Take care. I'll be back. xoxoxo

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