Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Starry Sky Gift Tags and Hand-Carved Eraser Stamps

I love carving erasers and corks. The two tree stamps are my first attempt and I call them Uptree/Downtree. I carved them a few years ago and I used them to make the gifttags. At the time, I did not have a woodcarving set. Instead, I was using my flat craft knives which made the carving slow going. The curves were especially difficult. As you can see, the trees are all curves!

On the Uptree I accidentally cut through one of the branches, which causes a broken print when stamped. At first I was going to try to fill it in, like with putty, clay or something. Then I changed my mind because I feel it gives my stamp character. I like the broken imprint afterall.

The cork stamps, a star and a leaf outline, were more difficult to carve. The cork kept crumbling, though my knife was sharp. These are used bottle corks. I don't know if buying a bag of unused corks would have made a difference.

The tags were cut from gray cardstock and designed using torn decorative paper. I spread Inca Gold metallic acrylic paint on a piece of glass and used as a stamp pad to stamp the trees. The tree topper stars are hand-drawn with a silver paint pen. Each tag is hole-punched and tied with a metallic gold rope.

Starry Sky Gift Tags, art stamping, collage, 6 pk.


signum said...

Look great

S. Holland said...

Signum: Thanks for your nice comment. I wish you had enabled visitors to view your profile in Blogger, then I could learn something about you.

Have a nice day.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I really love the
way they turned out.

I took some photos off
my blog till I get an
article from the one.
The other I tried to
fix so it so it could be
enlarge but I haven't been
able to. I thought about
deleting it and try again.

I have some of a Doe & Fawn
up on my blog that I prayed
for a close up of the Fawn.

May the Lord Bless Your Week!

S. Holland said...

Hi Flassie:

Went to your blog to post comment and could not. Thought I had posted to yours before. The fawn is so cute. She posed especially for your pic. Even our simple prayers are answered.

Glad you liked the gift tags.

Gemma said...

These are great! The tree stamp is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I turned comments back on,
but I took the Doe & Fawn
off & put a bunch of things
in draft to show Daisy's Wreath.
I figured out how to get it in
an entry that I made in July.

God Bless You!

Flassie's Fil'a

altermyworld said...

WOW that is totally inspiring Ms Paper Lady. I love the tree card its so peaceful and beautiufl. can i order a set.

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