Saturday, September 29, 2007

Travel Tags

Here is another set of tags with a theme of travel. Once again I cut my own tags and applied hole reinforcers, which I had spray painted silver before peeling them from the sheet. Doing collage and art stamping in three ink colors, I also used raffia and gel markers to complete these tags.

In keeping with the travel theme, they feature clipart images of a turn-of-the-century biplane, ship and car. I also searched my stamp file and found an antique car, an eagle and a blue forest to advance the theme.
These attractive tags can be used for many things. They can decorate bulletin boards and decorative collages, be decoupaged, etc. For gift giving you can write to/from on back.

It was very satisfying to cut my own tags. What makes a true artist is someone who tries to make as much of the media and elements, which are needed for a project, as time and ability will allow. When this is not possible, pre-made elements are a Godsend. It is just fun (and addictive) buying supplies and elements anyway. I have seen packs of multi-colored tags that have fairly sent my heart racing!

Travel Tags, mixed-media collage, 3 varied, (1)


judie said...

They are really nice Sandi. I don't know if I would have the patience to do my own tag-cutting.

S. Holland said...

Tag cutting goes really fast, especially once you make your simple template out of cardstock or cardboard. It's all straight lines.

It's especially good when you need a tag of a certain color, size or pattern which you can't find, then you can cut exactly what you need.

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